Corgi Shape Cookie Cutter Set

There's just something about Corgis that makes them so cute that you just want to eat them right up. Well, now you actually can with these Corgi shaped cookie cutters! 
These cutters are great gifts for corgi owners, pet lovers, or just anybody who loves to bake cute cookies!

 Happy Corgi: Approximately 6.2cm x 10.5cm (2.44 inches x 4.13 inches)

Sleepy Corgi: Approximately 13.3cm x 5.6cm (5.23 inches x 2.2 inches)

Corgi's Butt: Approximately 7.3cm x 8.9cm (2.87 inches x 3.5 inches)


XW01843-C5 XW01843-C2 XW01843-C3