2 in1 Contour Stick Highlighter Bronzer


  • STEREO BRIGHTENING?The light-color cream body which is full of pearlescent elements can be smeared on the needed parts to highlight the skin immediately. And the dark parts will also fade away with the face being more shaped.
  • PROFILE EMBELLISHING: The matte-gloss deep-color end can be used to paint shadow on the parts of cheeks'sides,face sides,nose sides and hairline,which is helpful to narrow the face to make it shaped more stereo.
  • BLEMISH CONCEALING: This highlight bar is effective to conceal the micro-blemish,which is water-and sweat-proof.This makeup is not easy to be blurred and the finishing effect is obvious.
  • SKIN HOMOGENIZING: 4 color avaliable.It can modify the skin color effectively according to various skin colors.In addition,it can function to control oil,nourish the skin and make the skin natural and clear,which is beneficial for a nice countenance.
  • WATERPROOF & SWEATPROOF: Makeup look basicly remain the same and it is not easy to damage when sweating or raining.