Breathable Spinal Alignment Cushion

Combat Poor Posture And Dreadful Back Ache.

Alleviate your achy spine and backside  when sitting on  Breathable Spinal Alignment Cushion . Say goodbye to sore, stiff muscles caused by sitting all day or long car rides. The Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion  flexes and conforms to your tailbone and body shape, absorbing key pressure points.

Patented Polymer-Bind HoneyComb Structure  fully supports pelvic and lower spinal cord greatly  reducing pressure  while  assisting in blood flow to the legs and feet.  

Patented Polymer-Bind material  retains shape under extreme strain, the ultimate orthopedic seat to  reduce back pain

The Honeycomb structure  allows air to circulate through ensuring it says cool to the touch. Structured Nano Technology  collapses in on itself  to provide you with optimal lumbar support and comfort, when used for extensive periods of time; the Breathable Spinal Alignment Cushion  assists in correcting posture while reducing pressure on the pelvic area.


Package includes 1 Egg Sitter seat cushion and non-slip cover