Compression Zipper Socks

Dense structure material is perfect support for varicose veins. 
Optimal compression increases blood flow during a long flight, sitting or standing and prevents swelling and inflammation. 
Flat seams leave your toes in comfort.
The sock's heel zone is strengthened, which will extend the service life of the compression socks!
Helps to: 
Protect veins during traveling or sporting, by promoting strong blood flow via compression.
Chronic venous insufficiency. 
Relieve lower limb varicose veins. 
Varicose veins during pregnancy. 
Rehabilitation by promoting blood flow throughout your body.
Material:  Cotton, Microfiber, Spandex Machine Wash, Hang Dry
Sizing Chart:
S/M  Women's Shoe size 6 - 9,              Men's Shoe Size 5 - 8.5
L/XL  Women's Shoe Size 9.5 -12.5,   Men's Shoe Size 9 -11.5
XXL Women's Shoe Size 13+,              Men's Shoe Size 12+