Head Protector Belt Support Holder


Forget about bobbing heads

Is your child always falling asleep in the car? The Headprotector Support Holder is perfect for you! It’s designed to support your child’s head as they rest

Solve a significant problem facing parents worldwide: bobbing heads

When children fall asleep sitting up in their car seat or high back booster, their heads naturally start flopping forward, making the ride uncomfortable and definitely less secure.

made of extremely high quality materials and complete compliance with international safety standards is truly in its own league.


    • Easily attachable. Adjusts to every head size
    • Minimal forehead contact, maximum movement
    • Successfully passed all crash tests conducted
    • Compliant with regulations and standards under the CPSIA
    • Made from advanced "no sweat" materials. Machine washable
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Simple to use for parents and kids
    • Reduces driver distraction and gives parents peace of mind
Item Width: 9cm
Material Type: Polyester and cotton
Special Features: Head Protector
Item Length: 35cm



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