-Magic Magnetic Reading Glasses


  • New adjustable headband expands the back for wide heads/ sides also expand for long heads
  •     Ergonomic, reading glasses with magnetic front connection
  •     Magnetic front connection offers "as needed" access to your readers
  •     Never misplace your readers, with the wrap-around headband-- hangs around your neck when not in use.
  • Putting them on is simple. Just pull the magnets apart and the glasses will hang comfortably around your neck. That way you know exactly where they are when you need them again.

Lens prescription table for reference
+1.00 for 40-45 years old
+1.50 for 45-50 years old
+2.00 for 50-55 years old
+2.50 for 55-60 years old
+3.00 for 60-65 years old
+3.50 for 65-70 years old
+4.00 for 70 years the above

Delivery Packages: 1 x reading glasses

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