Multifunction 6 Chord Capo Guitar


This all new and innovative Deluxe Capo is not just your ordinary old school capo. This Capo is expertly engineered and is built to last.

It's reliable and does just what it's designed to do - exploring a great variety of new tunes without having to retune your guitar.

It creates chords that are not possible with an ordinary capo. Instead of an old school capo that presses the strings altogether, it capos each string individually, resulting in the discovery of tunes that's never been possible to create before.


Fits all guitar fingerboards Finger above and below the capo Play all the bar chords scales and riffs you already know because your guitar is not detuned! Play unlimited new chords, not possible with standard tuning An invaluable creative tool for singer/songwriters Change tunings without detuning the guitar Change tunings while playing, during live performance Play melodies with open string accompaniment Explore new tunings, keys, harmonies, and textures Creative tools used and embraced by a lot of great musicians to compose and explore