Ozone Air Purifier Fresh Deodorizer Fridge

Ozone Air Purifier & Deodorizer uses the   scientifically verified power of activated oxygen (ozone) to   de stroy germs  better than filters or chemical disinfectants with no harmful by-products. When ozone comes in contact with  mold and   mildew, or other pollutants, it deactivates them by oxidation and leaves behind  pure clean oxygen

This Ozone ionizer  kills levels of airborne bacteria & viruses, largely reduces   black mold, mildew,   fungi, and eliminates odor.

The safe &  high concentration of ozone emission at   2.0MG/h attains   99.9% bacteria clearance within   1 hour. It   eliminates ammonia in  pet odor which causes  high heart rates, irritated lung membranes, and  nausea
Protect your family and health away from   germs, irritants,  allergens, and odor with the high air purification efficacy. 


  • 3000 times the   germ-killing power of  Chlorine
  • Reduces   mold mildew odors, and bacteria
  • Clears allergens for respiratory and skin health
  • Relieves  asthma,   eczema and other allergies
  • Sterilizes odors in  fridge, cupboard,  bathroom,   car and more
  • Continuous   air purification
  • Rechargeable with low power consumption
  • Compact and stylish des