Wood Magnetic Led Lamp

  • The design is deeply rooted in the essence of minimalism -- 1 frame, 2 wooden balls, 2 red ropes, which constitutes a light with a small taste, warm yellow tone, let The warmth and tranquility of your surroundings,The combination of classical and modern industry is not only a lamp, but also an attitude for life.
  • Unique "balance" magnetic suction switch -- Put the following wooden ball in the middle, when it is balanced, but also when the light is lit.
  • Convenient USB power supply port -- magnetic wear-resistant string, no strobe led,Contains 48 stroboscopic LED lamp beads, LED astigmatism plate to modulate the warm light 3000K eye color temperature, soft color, healthy eye protection, allowing you to maintain a good eye feeling during long-term use, can be applied to the bedroom , study, restaurant and other scenarios to meet your different needs
  • Modern design -- The natural color of natural eucalyptus logs, mixed with the faint wood fragrance, touches the three-dimensional feeling from the natural logs, so that the character of the lighting rises to the realm of unique art.